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From my journal...

Finishing the ToDo List
I finished formatting episode 1 this morning. It's crazy. It's edited and ready to go, but I still managed to[...]
Nerves and Other Things
I applied for an apartment yesterday. It's a really cute apartment. Two bedroom, with a study. It faces the lake,[...]
My brain has been on this creative over-drive lately, which you think would be good for writing books. But the[...]
Getting Down to Business
My mind has been on business this week so far. Today was the day that I wanted to launch my[...]
Juggling all the Things
When I recording the Patreon podcast last week, I mentioned that I really tend to throw myself full-time force into[...]
Putting myself out there
Hey everyone! I can't believe it's almost April in a few days. It's ridiculous how fast this year is progressing.[...]

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