Writing Update for September 8


I figured I would make a quick post here with a little updating on what I'm doing right now. I work full-time now, so I don't get to write or be creative as much as I used to when I was a full-time writer. But those days will come back once I get momentum going again.

I'm working on an urban fantasy at the moment that I totally put aside about six years ago or so. Maybe more. I burned myself out on it, but I pulled it out the other day, and something sparked when I reread it. The story was there. It was rough, and I had a lot of fluff but man, that story was clear as day like I'd never stopped working on it.

It's funny how that happens. I have a few stories I've abandoned over the years that I pull out and I have no idea where I was going with it. Like it ends on a weird note, or in the middle of some conflict and I'm left with the worst cliffhanger because I wrote it and had no clue what I was going to do with it. But this one... The story was there. I knew exactly where it was going. It was like it hadn't been 6 years since I wrote on it at all.

I know it's different from the contemporary romances I write, but I'm hopeful that folks love me for my writing style over what I write. I've always been all over the place. I just only ever finished and published the contemporary work. I'm probably going to put the first chapter out on Patreon this week for subscribers as soon as it's in some sort of readable form. I'm not guaranteeing that chapter makes it to the final book copy, but I think it would be fun to show you guys what I'm working on and that's what my Patreon is supposed to be for. For fun and I need to start using it for that again.

Oh, and this isn't a writing update, but I'm renewing my Adobe Creative Suite today. Yay! That makes me really happy because I've been using these apps from the Apple App Store that kind of do the same thing but not quite and haven't been able to use my drawing tablet in forever now. I'm really excited to get my Adobe back. It's just not the same using other software.

Okay, I think that's all I got right now. It's kind of a short post today, but that's okay. I talk enough most of the time, I think you guys might actually like a short post once in a while. ;)